Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Ovens

I did not get permission to post these albums here. But it would be a crime not to share.. quite possibly, the greatest band that has ever graced the earth.
The Ovens is a garage band based out of San Mateo County in the city of Millbrae. They eloquently sing songs about being on drugs, being depressed, sucking at life, and writing shitty music. But they do it in such a monotonic, don't give a fuck attitude that adds to the subtle insanity of these songs. Most of their songs won't reach past the 90 second mark, and yet they have the ability to showcase more talent, creativity, and song writing than bands that write songs three times the length. They sing like Weezer or Ozma, and have the most shredding guitar solos that would make Brian May blush, and contain the dreaminess of the Beatles.

sounds like: Weezer, Queen, Beatles

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Ovens - Triple LP on tUMULt

The ovens released three of their LPs unto one awesome, 44 track album on tUMULt's label. Most songs won't reach past a minute and yet contain catchy as hell lyrics, and always end the songs in an epic dueling guitar solo bang.

If you like this album, please please please, support them and buy the record here.

Click the link below to download the entire album!

The Ovens - Beau Goes To The Hospital

This is from their first record. Lo Fi as fuck, energetic as hell, and dreamy as shit.

If you like the album and the songs, Please buy it and support them from interpunk, located here.

Click the link below to download the album!

The Ovens - Misc. Findings

These are random songs I have found from the Ovens scouring the internet. I cannot for the life of me find what albums these songs belong to, so if anyone can help me out... please send me a message.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010


(taken from their myspace)
"A highly trained group of international globetrotters, the wise and worldly team that is elliottfuckingsmith, spends its time traversing the earth, solving mysteries, and cracking cases. Fueled by their own unquenchable thirst for justice, and backed up by their indomitable sense of valor, this fearsome foursome have been making the lives of evil-doers, and other dubious characters relatively less comfortable, every 3 months or so, since 2004. . . . . . . . . . . We have 2 full length albums recorded."

Which translate to, "A pop/punk band with energy and sloppiness and catchy songs. Fast, dancy, and cleverly written songs. A total blast!"

sounds like: The Bananas, The Ramones, Fifteen, Dillinger Four


Blaupunkt! is a band that takes it's influences from 90s pop/punk, ska, and japanese rock. It doesn't hurt that it throws in the drumming energy and speed of early 90s punk, indie ideals, and guitar chord and progression of jazz guitar. They are fast, melodic, beautiful, and have epic shredding guitar solos above simple, yet catchy horn lines.

Sounds Like: Blink 182, Potshot, The Pillows, Old Pop/punk

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Elliottfuckingsmith - Now Hear This Marco Polo

Elliottfuckingsmith's first release. They recorded over 20 songs after only being a band for 3 months. These were their best ones.

1. A bird Named Revolution
2. Cassandra Abola
3. A Collective Fuck You To All Evil Step Mothers And Disney Villans
4. Elliottfuckingsmith Theme Song
5. Mopping up Puddles of Blood
6. Punk Rock
7. Roman Candles
8. Set Sail
9. Stillborn
10. A Tale from Your Local Bike Shop
11. Untitled
12. Welcome Home
13. Yutaka Taniyama

Click the link below to download the full album!

Elliottfuckingsmith - Histories

Elliottfuckingsmith's 2nd album. A more mature album with a boost in production value but still with a hint of lo fi pop/punk fun.

1. Beneath Their Weight
2. Cassandra Ablola 2
3. Chuck Norris
4. Erich's Untitled
5. Histories
6. Jen!
7. Marco Polo
8. My Skin
9. Never Tried
10. Sorry Coop
11. Untitled
12. Vanessa
13. We All Fall Down
14. You Are Not The One
15. 1904, Not Fucking Dead Yet

Click the Link below to download the entire album!

Sledding With Tigers - Infinite Turbo! Sophomore Slump! Stop Complaining. It's Free!

Sledding With Tiger's second release. Dan seemed to learn how to play guitar a little better (mostly by noticing he's added a 4th chord to his arsenal). The hilarity and irony continues.

1. An Open Letter To Creed (The Band Not the Television Character)
2. Get Low
3. Not My Dad
4. The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton (Mountain Goats Cover)
5. Never Get Laid (The George Lucas Remixxx AMIRITE, You Guys?)
7. Destination, Home (Kids. Cover)

Click the Link below to download the entire album!

Sledding With Tigers - WOAHbots! (And People)

This is Sledding With Tigers' first release. Features cutesy and funny acoustic songs with an overuse of auto-tuning and charm.

1. Respecting Women
2. Date Night pt. 1: Wanna Take You To Cocos
3. Date Night pt. 2: Never Get Laid
4. FUNtitled #1
5. Such Great Heights

Blaupunkt! - Tanoshii Kyoku Ha Tanoshii Hito Ni

Blaupunkt!'s first release, It is more of a collection of early recordings. Fast, energetic, and catchy. Features pop/punk and ska songs about youth and angst.

1. Anagnorisis
2. Cathy Ames
3. Down With The Ship
4. Father Williams
5. Panic! At the Cafe
6. Those Times
7. Vous Avez
8. Watashi Wa

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Blaupunkt! - If It Bleeds We Can Kill It/If It's Dead We Will Fuck It

Blaupunkt!'s second release. Higher production value and more cleverly written songs. Still holds true to their pop/punk rock roots, while continuing on their indie side.

1. The Pies That Grind!
2. Faking Happiness!
3. Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!
4. Exaltate! (Theme to the End of the World)
5. The Storm!
6. Boy With Stars!
7. Untitled. . .
8. Montana!
9. Girl, This Could Be The Start of Us Both!
10. Remember That Time We Were Playing Video Games and Then I Looked Into Your Eyes And Saw a Metaphor?
11. Here's Another One, Blondie!
12. It's Over!

Click the link below to download the Album!

Grim Luck! - The Histories Album!

Grim Luck!'s first release. A raw, fast, chaotic album featuring mostly their ska/punk side.

1. Hallowmas!
2. Ska is Dead!
3. Lost!
4. Histories!
5. Josephine!
6. Evan!
7. Four Girls!
8. Congratulations! You've Made My Shit List
9. Take it On!
10. College!

Click the link below to download the Album!

Grim Luck! - Alexandra: Volume 1

Grim Luck!'s second release. First album with Robert as the Frontman. A good mixture of their 3rd wave ska/punk songs and their gipsy punk songs.

1. Orgon Donor
2. Jose and Poncho
3. The Boquet of Lillies Clock
4. College!
5. Phazers Set to Fun Part 1: Going to Santa Barbara
6. Double Keggar Pool Party?? Oh Fuck Ya!
7. Josephine!
8. Prologue
9. King Lothaire
10. Epilogue

Click the link below to download the album!

Grim Luck! - Diaries From Roscoe Street

Grim Luck's Third release, focuses more of the folkie hardcore side their style.

1. Mother Amelia!
2. Monarchs Can't Dance Like The Punx Can
3. Odessa
4. Roscoe Street
5. Phantom of the Skapera

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