Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Erich Fucking Beckmann

My solo Project. I play every instrument. These are songs and recordings I've done over a period of 10 years. Baron Von Tice was my very first attempts to record myself playing every instrument.

1. Baaaaabes!
2. Baby, I'm Fucking Caustic!
3. Beer Pong and Flip Cup, The Sport of Kings
4. Cali-Fucking-Yea!
5. I write Songs Because You Hate Them
6. I'd Rather Die Than Ever be With You
7. Phazers Set to Fun Part: Going to Santa Barbara
8. The Foul Aim Project!
9. The Sequel!!
10. Untitled To Shauna!
11. Vampires!
12. What Makes Goodbyes so good, anyways??

Early Solo Projects
1. B.V.T - Hey, Anti Flag!
2. B.V.T - If Only You Knew!
3. B.V.T - Spaghetti Party!
4. B.V.T - Stress Induced Wrinkles!
5. Foul Aim - The Winds Cry Justice (instrumental version)
6. Foul Aim - Masochist (instrumental version)

The Just Friends EP!
1. Untitled!
2. Untitled!
3. May I Feel Said He?!
4. Meteors!
5. Monuments!
6. Here's Another One, Blondie!
7. It's Over

Random Acoustic Song
1. Bonnie And Clyde!!

Sounds Like: Grim Luck! Blaupunkt! Arrogant Sons of Bitches! Bomb the Music Industry!!

Download the album for free here!!