Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grim Luck! - Alexandra Volume 2: The Dread

This album took way too fucking long to make..but in a good way. It's too damn sloppy... but in an endearing way. It's way too fucking fast and loud, but thats not a problem. This is our fourth release and we really hope you guys love it...

1. Grimoture!
2. Isabelle Blue!
3. Going to Candied Island!
4. Grim FanTango!
5. Volga Boatmen!
6. Stubborn!
7. The Fucking Ghost of Stephen Foster!
8. Odessa!
9. Monarchs Can't Dance Like The Punx Can!
10. The Dread. . .
11. The Holy Mountain!
12. Prelude!

Download the album for free here!!